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All about Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation (IA) is a pioneer in the field of mass spectrometry data
management applications designed for laboratory service optimization.  For over
15 years analytical and biochemists have used IA's mass spectrometry software
solutions to process mass spectrometry data (LC/MS, GC/MS and CE/MS).  Since
then, the range of software solutions from IA has expanded to include immunoassay
data processing, reporting and management.  IA provides software products,
customized software development and technical consulting services to the following 
industries world wide.

  • CROs (contract research organization) in clinical, biotechnology and
    pharmaceutical industries.
  • Bio-analytical and immuno assay testing laboratories and biomedical
    engineering companies.
  • IA offers two software products for bio-analytical and immuno assay data management, 
    processing and reporting applications:

    • ALIS Mass Spectrometry: Protocol and study driven mass spectrometry data
      management, reporting system specifically designed for good laboratory practices 
      (GLP) and good automated laboratory practices (GALP) compliant contract
      research laboratories.
    • ALIS Immuno-Chemistry: Protocol and study driven immuno-chemistry data 
      management, reporting system specifically designed for good laboratory practices 
      (GLP) and good automated laboratory practices (GALP) compliant contract research laboratories.

    In addition to scientific data analysis software, IA also offers a state-of-art, internet based 
    laboratory resources and management software.

    • Laboratory Resources Management: A web based internet / intranet application 
      designed specifically for  analytical and bio-analytical laboratories and contract 
      research organization serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

    Our policy of giving complete access to all source code of our software products allows
    our customers to utilize their internal resources and significantly reduce the cost of any
    add-on new features.

    IA has gained considerable experience in designing and developing a modular, easy-to-use, 
    intuitive user interface for mass spectrometry and immunoassay driven processes and 
    complex laboratory service interactions using industry standard tools such as .Net, Visual 
    Studio. Net and MSDE/SQL Server.  The use of latest MSDE technology allows ALIS-MS  and ALIS-IC software solutions to scale from desktop database (MS Access XP-/2003) to enterprise 
    database (MS-SQL) with ease and virtually no additional learning curve. In addition, the 
    modularity and use of .Net/ActiveX components and ODBC technologies allows ALIS-Mass Spectrometry and ALIS- Immunoassay systems to seamlessly integrate with any external
    LIMS systems (running under Oracle, Sybase, DB2, or any ODBC complaint databases) 
    enabling our client to scale up as they expand and grow with out any additional 
    customization thereby reducing the overall cost of operation and support and significantly
    contributes to the success of ALIS Mass Spectrometry and ALIS Immuno-assay systems 
    in variety of analytical, bio-analytical and immunochemistry laboratories.

    Innovative Automation was founded on 1991 with a mission to provide quality software 
    products and technical consulting services that increase productivity, improve overall 
    product and service quality and increased regulatory compliance for its clients. Many of 
    Innovative Automation's staff / consulting members have extensive experience in process management, system design and software development, quality control/assurance and 
    regulatory affairs. As we add new staff/consulting members during our expansion process, 
    our base of technical skills is rapidly growing to further enhance our ability to design, 
    develop and build quality software products and provide world-class technical consulting 

    Additionally, all of our technology experience is used as a basis for developing a training 
    curriculum utilizing state-of-art multimedia based technology which can be custom-tailored 
    to fit specific educational and compliance needs.


    SACRAMENTO, CA 95823-7223
    Phone: 916-392-9264
    Fax: 916-392-6136



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